1. Justin. I need a response. I have 3699 points. The redeem button doesn't appear on my dashboard. I live in houston, Texas.  ·  completed

  2. site sucks, I had payout cancelled for no reason and in the month following sent numerous emails with no response filed case @BBB  ·  completed

  3. 15-20 minutes worth of collecting data only to get disqualified, referral credits gone. whats not to love? :(  ·  completed

  4. Not a match after spending my time and data plus alway a reason when the value is high  ·  completed

  5. I don't like not getting a response from Branded Surveys when I experience a problem. I have now attempted contact three(3) times with no re  ·  completed

  6. Entirely too many faulty surveys  ·  completed

  7. I just tried to complete SIX (6) surveys in a row! The response---"there are no more surveys for me! WHY the hell invite me? Waste of time!!  ·  completed

  8. Phone verification  ·  completed

  9. Customer Service assistance  ·  completed

  10. Am I the only one suddenly not receiving email notifications of surveys???  ·  completed

  11. MintVine staff  ·  completed

  12. No more survey invites with no explanation  ·  completed

  13. Thank you  ·  completed

  14. You do those mini surveys and show the graph of results right after - it would be nice if you color coded the categories to match the graph.  ·  under review

  15. My button hasnt come up.. Fix it. Ive been due my money since decembet. Dont tell me its a proxt server problem cuz its not, fix  ·  completed

  16. The best way to improve your site is for your customer service to actually respond to people.  ·  completed

  17. Cell Phone  ·  completed

  18. In spite of sending 5 emails about my name being on a winners list - I have been ignored!  ·  completed

  19. I haven't receive my gift card payment.  ·  completed

  20. Redeem button disappeared  ·  completed

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