1. Why is my Account Health "Poor"?

  2. I've had NO RESPONSE to any 'Customer Service' messages.  ·  completed


  4. Support  ·  completed

  5. What is Account Health?

  6. No one response to my problem survey on Sep 26, yesterday and today's  ·  completed

  7. 800 email complaints later and still no response or fixed account. Mntvine' sucks  ·  completed

  8. Cannot get a response from customer support on missing gift card. Points were approved a week ago, but gift card never sent to m  ·  completed

  9. E-mailed 3 times, no response and still cant get my savings act deposit verified  ·  completed

  10. never recieved amazon gift card. I was supposed to receive it 2 days ago and I've contacted customer service but gotten no response.  ·  completed

  11. Love the new form,good work,I never have a problem communicating or getting a response thanks.  ·  completed

  12. What are Rejected Points?

  13. I've written you multiple times about a 6000 point survey i took on December response!  ·  completed

  14. How long are surveys available?

  15. Unable to redeem ,not receiving any surveys and not broke any rules as far as I'm aware and don't get any response for costomer support  ·  completed

  16. Why don't I qualify for some surveys?

  17. Is the support of Mintvine gone or something? i am contacting them for 4 weeks and still got no response  ·  completed

  18. i think the site is brilliant, it is easy to navigate, but most important i like the quick response to tickets.  ·  completed

  19. Do not like lack of support to unblock my account except generic email response about proxy servers. Please sort this out.  ·  completed

  20. I do not like the lack of response to emails regarding issues with point withdrawals, no replies other than automatically generated emails,  ·  completed

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