1. This New site layout has been quite refreshing!  ·  completed

  2. What do i have to do ....  ·  completed

  3. E-mailed 3 times, no response and still cant get my savings act deposit verified  ·  completed

  4. I just took a entire 15 minute survey this morning and did not get the points promised. Honestly if i take a 15 minute survey i need to be p  ·  completed

  5. Elite Badge Bonus  ·  completed

  6. So whats happening with payments?  ·  completed

  7. Account frozen and terrible customer service  ·  completed

  8. Being blocked  ·  completed

  9. I didn't receive PayPal cash, but redeem request was approved  ·  completed

  10. where is my payout and why haven't you responded to my multiple requests?  ·  completed

  11. This site is so bad now. Waste of time. Can't believe how much it has changed for the worst. What new layout? RUBBISH  ·  completed

  12. No existence customer service  ·  completed

  13. Problems with redeeming points  ·  completed

  14. Love the new form,good work,I never have a problem communicating or getting a response thanks.  ·  completed

  15. Why am I not listed in branded Elite I Am Number 15 or 16 but my name doesn't appear  ·  completed

  16. Did you delete my account?  ·  completed

  17. Branded Surveys is awful.  ·  completed

  18. Not getting money from payout  ·  completed

  19. I've written you multiple times about a 6000 point survey i took on December response!  ·  completed

  20. Where's the bonuses?  ·  completed

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