Why is my Account Health "Poor"?

We place a great deal of value on our panelist quality and participation. As such, all survey activities undergo review by our partners.

After reviewing your recent survey activity, we have found that your responses could use some improvement - which is why your Account Health appears as "Poor."

To ensure your account remains in good standing, please follow the guidelines below:

1. Answer profiling questions honestly & consistently 

  • Be sure your My Profile page is always up to date and accurate. After all, this is how we match you with surveys!
  • Maintain consistent answers across your Profile and throughout your survey responses. Before entering each survey, you may see a few reasons why you were matched with that particular survey (Example below). Once you enter the survey, our partner may ask some profile questions that correlate with the reasons that you just saw on our site, understand that they are looking for these same answers from you. If your answers are always honest & accurate, you should have little trouble further qualifying for the survey.

2. Provide thorough and complete open-ended answers

  • We understand that you may be busy! However, rushing through surveys will negatively impact your account - so take your time & provide thorough responses.
  • Always answer open-ended questions in complete sentences. One-word answers will be flagged as invalid which result in no points for taking that survey!
  • Be sure your response is relevant to the question that is asked. 
  • Gibberish and vulgar language will also result in no credit and a possible ban from future surveys. 
  • Provide authentic responses. Don't copy/paste your responses or respond to all open-ended questions with the same answer.

3. Review the examples below for valid & invalid open-ended responses.

The open-ended response below is valid because it is thorough, relevant/answers the question asked & uses complete sentences.

The open-ended response below is invalid because it is incomplete and does not answer the question. The response is not a complete sentence (one word long) and "good" is not a hobby.

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