What is Account Health?

It is essential to Branded Surveys' partners that you consistently contribute high-quality survey responses. "High-quality" can be a complex concept so we created Account Health as an education system to help you identify if there are areas of improvement in your survey-taking habits. There are three levels of Account Health: Poor, Average and Excellent.

Follow these best practices to assure your Account Health standing remains Excellent!

  • Always keep your Profile up to date. After all, this is how we match you with the right surveys.
  • Be sure to respond to demographic questions honestly and consistently.
  • Fill out open-ended questions with thorough responses. Complete sentences are required!
  • Gibberish, foul language and irrelevant open-ended answers will negatively impact your account.
  • Take your time! Rushing through surveys will result as an invalid survey.
  • Pay attention and watch out for trap questions.
  • Do not copy/paste your responses.
  • Be authentic! Do not respond to all open-ended questions with the same answer.

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