What are Profile Surveys?

Profile Surveys help our systems better match you to more qualifying surveys!

How Can I Participate?

Easy, just navigate to your Extra Earning Opportunities section on your Dashboard and you’ll be prompted to Profile Surveys one at a time. They’re also accessible at any time on your My Profile tab under Preferences. Simply treat them just as you would a normal survey and answer honestly and truthfully!

What's My Profile? 

Because our partners are constantly on the lookout for particular panelists to complete their surveys, we’ve broken these surveys down into the most popular categories to help match your profile to the most relevant survey opportunities available. That's what encompasses the "My Profile" page and therefore makes it imperative that you answer honestly and consistently when completing these and other surveys we match you with. Otherwise, it'll be nearly impossible for you to complete any surveys and therefore collect any earnings.

How Often Should I Update My Information?

Because life is fluid and always changing, we encourage you to update your profile frequently by simply clicking “Update Answers” on your My Profile page under each completed Profile Survey. New car, new job or a new house? All these warrant a profile update so be as diligent as possible when updating!

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