What is Branded Pay?

Branded Pay is our proprietary and secure payout option for the Branded Surveys community to deposit their rewards directly into their bank accounts. Just like payday. This service is immensely popular with our dedicated community members and, best of all, is incredibly easy to setup.  

How to Sign Up 

Signing up is easy. All you need to do is first navigate to the Payout Options page. Then...

  • Click on the bPay section and click "connect bank account."
  • You'll then be prompted to search for your US bank or credit union 
  • Then, enter the credentials you use to login to your bank's website
  • Select the account you want funds deposited into
  • Click "continue" to verify. 
  • You'll then receive a verification email so you can verify your account. 
For more information, see our Branded Pay page here.


Part of bPay's charm lies within its secure and fast-acting nature. Secure in that this method ensures your funds are directly deposited into your account and fast-acting in that approved transactions can take a little as 48 hours to post to your account -- essentially half the delivery time of other third-party vendors (like PayPal). You are also free to remove a linked bank account from bPay at any time in favor of any other payout option we offer. 

Also, for security purposes, only one Branded Surveys account can be linked to an individual bank account at a time. 

Removing Your Account

Just like signing up, removing your account is easy. All you need to do is first navigate to the Payout Options page. Then...

  • Click "remove account" under bPay
  • You'll then be served a popup -- click "Yes, Remove My Account from bPay"
  • Then, you'll be brought back to the Payout Options page where you'll be notified that your account "has been successfully unset from Branded Pay.

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