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Household Data Clarification


This may be unique to me or the way I think, but I as a 24 year old girl living with 2 roommates in a city, it becomes difficult to answer questions about my household. I always feel like I am not giving the most accurate data because the questions don't allow me to. For example, is my "household" income comprised of my salary, benefits & investments as well as those of my two roommates? Or, is my "household" income comprised of my salary & my parent's salaries. Becomes even more complex to give an accurate & useful dollar amount when considering joint mutual fund accounts between my father and me.

I know MintVine does not create the surverys, and I have adding feedback to a few surveys about this idea, but was wondering if anyone with roommates has the same concern.

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Hi Christina,

When living with roommates, you would be considered a household of one.

If you are living with family then your household would include the members of your family.

We are looking for a rough estimate of your gross income or a salary figure, generally speaking.

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  • Brolo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Its just asking for ballpark figures. I dont think they want your exact W-2 amount for combined household taxable income from line 6b,4a,12c,32d or anything

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