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No Response from Support after 5 Emails!

It took me months to finally get enough points to cash out at $13. Finally I was going to cash out and be done with this company. But even though the points were approved, my request was "rejected" with no reason given. I contacted support 5 separate times and always got an automated response saying they would look into it. No follow up all 5 times. It's outrageous. I even went on Survey Police to give them a low rating and someone from BS (aptly named) told me to contact support. What a joke. I did contact support yet again, and that was 2 weeks ago. Still no response. I truly don't understand. Now there isn't even a button on my account for me to try and cash out again. At this point it's the principle of the thing, rather than the measly $13 (which I can make more than that in a week with other companies). Terrible company!

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It appears as though our system detected a foreign IP address used with your account. After investigating we have found the issue and removed the ban.

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    Thanks, at least something has finally been done about it. Your email support is abysmal by the way.

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