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  1. Gold member perks

    Why are you taking away all of the nice perks that come with being a gold member? These were what made this site worth coming back to. I am sure that you will lose loyal members. Is that worth the money that you save?

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    started  ·  Danielle R responded

    We are currently in the process of revamping our Loyalty Program which is why you may have seen some rewards numbers change. As such, we seek quality survey taking from our panelists. You may also see when you last completed your poll by glancing at to ensure accuracy.

    We are looking forward to sharing more exciting changes to our Loyalty Program and will keep you informed as new opportunities appear!

  2. 🙄

    All my jusurveys show as not qualified.
    You don't give the Aces 30 points anymore.
    No loyalty bonuses for every daily polls.
    No motivation here. You guys took the fun and incentives out of this site.
    Where's the love??????

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    completed  ·  Kristen M responded

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for reaching out! We have recently revamped the elite action chart and the leaderboard to focus on rewarding users who are engaged and involved!

    Users now get a percentage payout based on their involvement with surveys! We increased our leaderboard frequency payout and the frequency of random prize payout.

    We hope you can take advantage of this!

    Branded Surveys

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